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Художник Владимир Денщиков из Крыма создаёт удивительные по своей красоте и мастерству иконы - плетёт их из очень тоненьких нитей льна.

Плести иконы Владимир начал только 10 лет назад, когда прямо со сцены его доставили в больницу. Приступая к созданию новой иконы художник соблюдает пост и следует всем необходимым церковным канонам.

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It more and more looks like the world now revolves arnd sex and material things only. Not even mainly. And if you are not after any of those - my, you must be insane! mad! old-fashioned, at best.

Why is it considered to be wrong to desire purity and to keep yourself for one person only? What is so wrong about marriage? Why do “we need to live together to see if we fit and only then can we get married”? Why are people so afraid of sexual incompatibility? Is it because it’s a great excuse to get sex without any obligations? Hasn’t checking compatibility become a good way of getting it for free of anything? Since when sex is considered to be the foundation of a relationship? The rest is secondary… when shouldn’t it be the other way around? Don’t get me wrong – sex is highly important in a relationship, but it’s not the most important thing… It's the topping on the cake - not the layers... It's just that... just as the family as such is devalued, so is sex. what was supposed to be beautiful, to be treasured and held dear, special, has been dipped in dirt and defaced...
It's not an expression of the highest level on intimacy and unity any more - it's reduced to pure physical pleasure, smth that's given away freely and also - an execrcise to stay healthy...

I may not make sense - but i really dont care now.

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Who said that being a Christian is “piece-of-cake” easy? I think nowadays it’s almost the hardest to be. The pressure is immense and oh so intricate…. you are trapped before you know it. And you fall. And you get up and rise again. By the grace of God. If it wasn’t for the grace of God – we’d be toast… but it’s such a relief to know that Jesus knows what we go through – He experienced it all and beyond… and he is full of compassion and mercy and grace… He’s eternally faithful and can wipe away our sorrows and forgive us things even we ourselves find hard to forgive…

It may all come across as rambling, but I all i wanted to say is that I am not going to trade God and my life with His to anything that would be, in this case, a second best… And I pray God gives me power not to stray – even though I’m tempted, sometimes tempted to the extent that I give in… But I come crawling back. And God accepts me as I am – in my rags, in my shame, in my weakness and iniquity… What love is this….


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