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Well, the hotel is booked, and so are the tickets Moscow-Rome (plane) and Rome-Firenze (train!) and back...
Natasha from Cheaptrip is perhaps the most friendly and helpful travel agents I've ever dealt with!!!
I think today we are waiting for full confirmation, I need to bring the copy of financial competence - and the docs will be on the way to Italian Embassy....

I think everybody knows that Florence - for some reason - is the dream-city for me...  As Italy - the country i loooong to visit more than any other place on this earth. And it's been quite a tiresome journey to this point as far as planning trips, cancelling without even starting, waiting on empty promises, trying to save, figuring out the best way to go.... And all this time i was in stanby mode. Awfully uncomfortable. But trusting that He knows best why, when and where... God chose to line up all the necessary elements just now... Which is great - my biggest prayer that we actually get to go:) I'm looking through different routes, brushing up my italian,...and holding my breath - coz it seems almost unreal...

God willing, 1st of March  i'll be in Rome and straight upon arrival - on the way to Florence... and on 4th of March - on the way to Rome (may be even get a glimpse of Rome in the evening?), and then back to Moscow...

Somebody pinch me...


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