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Умер главный кролик Латвии




РИГА, 21 фев - РИА Новости, Юрий Гуральник. Умер домашний питомец президента Латвии Валдиса Затлерса - кролик Лисис. Как рассказал Затлерс в эфире телеканала TV-5, кролик не вынес переезда в президентскую резиденцию и умер от стресса.

"Он был членом нашей семьи. У него было замечательное
качество отличать характеры людей. Непонравившихся ему людей Лисис просто кусал", - сказал президент Латвии.

После того как Затлерс был избран президентом Латвии,
фотография его любимца - пестрого кролика - обошла все латвийские газеты.

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CANBERRA (Reuters) - A Santa in an Australian department store said on Wednesday he has been fired for saying "ho ho ho" and singing Christmas songs to children.

Employment company Westaff, which supplies stores with red-robed, white-bearded Father Christmases, had earlier asked its Santas to say "ha ha ha" because the word "ho," which is American slang for whore, could offend women, media reported.

In the latest incident, the Cairns Post newspaper said 70-year-old John Oakes was fired on Monday for saying "ho ho ho" and for singing the Christmas song Jingle Bells.

"They're trying to kill the spirit of Christmas," said Oakes, a retired entertainer who has been a Santa for three years.

Westaff spokesman Bert Jansz told the paper Oakes had been dismissed because of his attitude, and not for his ho ho ho-ing.

Porn star politician auctions breast implants.

/i have no idea how the last sentence goes with the rest of the news...but it was there, so, i kept it.../



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